Settlements 2017/2018

Employment Disability Demotion, Denied Accommodation, Undesirable Assignment/Transfer, Terminated $2,500
Employment Age Failure to Hire $15,000
Employment Race, Color, Sex, Age Terminated $500, Confidentiality
Employment Sex, Retaliation Harassment, Sexual Harassment $50,000, Confidentiality, No Admission of Liability
Employment Disability Dennied Accommodation, Failure to Hire $25,500
Employment Disability Denied Accommodation, Terminated $17,250
Employment Disability, Sexual Orientation, Retaliation Undesirable Assignment/Transfer $5,500
Education Race, Color Denied Service, Harassment $20,000
Employment Age Terminated $10,000
Employment Pregnancy Denied Accommodation, Terminated $8,500
Employment Sex, Retaliation Forced to Quit/Retire, Unequal Pay $14,350
Employment Color, Disability, Race, Retaliation Denied Accommodation, Denied Benefits, Disciplined/Suspended, Failure to Promote, Failure to Train, Harassment, Undesirable Assignment/Transfer, Terminated, Unequal Pay $4,000
Employment Disability Denied Accomodation, Terminated $10,000, Training of Reasonable Accommodation, Neutral Recommendation Letter
Employment Disability, Pregnancy Denied Accomodation, Harassment, Laid Off/Failure to Recall, Reduced Hours $2,500
Employment Color, Race Failure to Train, Reduced Hours, Terminated $5,250 within 3 Days, "Non-Rehirable" Removed from Employee File, Letter with Employment Dates and Rehirable Status, Rewards Points, Discount
Employment Color, Race, Sexual Orientation, Retaliation Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Terminated, Unequal Pay $1,000, Apology, Reference with a Good Recommendation
Employment Disability Failure to Hire $6,000
Employment Age, Disability Undesirable Assignment/Transfer, Terminated $17,500
Public Accommodation Gender Identity Denied Service Complainant can use employee work room to wash hands and can use bathroom of choice.
Employment Race, Retaliation Demotion, Forced to Quit/Retire, Harassment, Reduced Hours, Terminated, Undesirable Assignment/Transfer $7,250 within 36 hours, "Non-Rehirable" Removed from Employee File, Positive Letter of Recommendation, Discount, Confidentiality
Public Accommodation Disability Denied Accommodation Settlement Terms Private
Employment Age, Color, Race, Sexual Orientation, Retaliation Disciplined, Failure to Train, Harassment $37,500, Neutral Letter of Reference, Eligible for Rehire, Non-Disclosure of Reason for End of Employment
Employment Disability Terminated $12,500
Employment Gender Identity, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Retaliation Demotion, Denied Benefits, Disciplined/Suspended, Failure to Promote, Failure to Train, Harassment, Reduced Hours, Undesirable Assignment/Transfer $11,500, Policy Review and Update, Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policies Training to Employees and Managers, Neutral Letter of Reference
Employment Disability Denied Accommodation, Harassment, Terminated $8,500
Employment Sex, Retaliation Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Harassment $12,000
Public Accommodation Color, Race Denied Service $10,000 to Complainant, $10,000 to Four Charities of Complainant's Choice, Implicit Bias Training
Employment Disability Failure to Hire $5,500
Employment Sex Harassment, Constructive Discharge $30,000, Confirm eligibility for rehire if asked
Employment Disability, Race, Color, Retaliation Harassment, Termination $1,950, Review and update employer policies and complaint procedures
Public Accommodation Sex Denial of Service, Retaliation $513
Education Disability Denied Accommodation $4,500, Training, Notice to teachers of requirement to comply with 504 plans