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Commissioners' Meeting "Approved" Minutes - June 17, 2022


Approved Minutes – Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission,

June 17, 2022


                                I.            Roll Call –

Commissioners: Justin Johnston, Sam Kooiker, Patricia Lipski, Dennis Mandsager, Marcelena Ordaz, Holly White.


                             II.            Recognition of Staff, Public, and Press –

Staff: Director Stan Thompson, Katie Fiala, Charles Hill, Kaitlin Smith, Anthony Pawnell, Mathew Gore, Roberto Rodriguez Peterson, Sierra Walker, Austin Moore, Joe Austen, Jacob Bennington.

Interns: Bryan Garner, Sean Conrad, Natalie Massey, Lizzie Gutsch, Ding Xu.


                          III.            Commissioners Johnston, Kooiker, Lipski, and White indicated on the record that they were unable to attend the Commission meeting in person due to work, scheduling, and/or travel conflicts.


                          IV.            Approval of Minutes –

Minutesfrom the meeting on May 28, 2022, were presented.A motion to approve the minutes wasmadebyCommissioner Lipski,secondedbyCommissioner Mandsager. Approved by vote. Motion carried.


New Business

                             V.            Public Comment – None.


Current/Ongoing Business

                          VI.            Grade 30 Request Update – Director Thompson provided an update regarding the ICRC’s request to upgrade the Civil Rights Specialist from Pay Grade 27 to Pay Grade 30. He recently met with executive members of the Department of Administrative Services regarding the request, with plans to finalize the upgrade requests by the end of June. Director Thompson responded to questions from Commissioners Lipski, Kooiker, and Mandsager regarding his update.


Standing Business

                       VII.            Director’s report

a.       Director Thompson shared that former ICRC Director Ione Shadduck recently passed away, and an announcement was posted on the ICRC website.

b.      Outreach – ICRC recently had a booth at the Sioux City Pride Event, which was also attended by Commissioner Johnston.

c.       Report on Case Filings/Closures – Director Thompson presented the monthly case processing breakdown.

d.      Finances – Director Thompson presented the monthly financial update.

e.       Staff Update – Currently have four posted CRS positions. Also working on reinvigorating the volunteer mediation program, with Mat Gore working as the mediation lead.

f.        Report on Task Force on Communication – Director Thompson provided information regarding the website update.

g.       Legislative – The Governor recently approved a new state holiday, George Washington Carver Day, which will be recognized on February 1 every year, starting in 2023.

h.      Update on U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’ Hearing held June 6th – Speakers at the final hearing included Betty Andrews from the NAACP and Gina Battani as a member of the public. A final report will likely not be available until November.


                     VIII.            Litigation Update –Katie Fiala provided a case law update, discussing several housing cases pending in district course, some before an administrative law judge, and one that settled. There were questions from the Commissioners regarding how much involvement the Commission had in potential pending legislation that involves the ICRA. All agreed it would be informative to discuss this more at a future meeting.


                          IX.            Commissioners’ Reports

a.       Commissioner Johnston – Attended the Sioux City Pride Day event.

b.      Commissioner Kooiker – Nothing to report.

c.       Commissioner Lipski – Nothing to report.

d.      Commissioner Mandsager – Nothing to report.

e.       Commissioner Ordaz – Nothing to report.

f.        Commissioner White – Nothing to report.


                             X.            Next Meeting(s) 7/15/22 @ 1:00 pm.


                          XI.            Meeting adjourned by Commissioner Ordaz at 3:03 pm.