Symposium 2015 Registration Form and Topics

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This symposium has been approved for 6 federal CLE credits and 6 hours of state credit including 1 hour of ethics. 









Don’t Shake It Off

An overview of harassment in the workplace under the ICRA and Title VII.

Talkin’ About a Resolution

Resolving civil rights complaints through mediation, conciliation, and the public hearing process.

Design and Construction Accessibility Requirements

Correcting common deficiencies and debunking commonly held myths.


One on the Way

An overview of pregnancy accommodation in the workplace under state and federal laws.

A History of Iowa Civil Rights Through Ten Landmark Cases

Discussing Iowa’s long history as a civil rights pioneer by highlighting ten milestone cases.

What is Necessary, Reasonable and Expected?

A comparison of accommodation and modification requests in fair housing under the Fair Housing Act and the Iowa Civil Rights Act.





That’s Allowed

Affirmative defenses to civil rights complaints under Iowa and federal law.

Let Them Eat Cake

Recent state and federal cases involving sexual orientation in public accommodations.

Where, Oh Where Can My Little Dog Go?

Discussing the differences between companion and emotional support animals under the Fair Housing Act versus service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 




It’s all About that Base

Building a solid foundation for internal investigations and investigations with the ICRC including, document gathering, tips and techniques, and troubleshooting solutions.

Change is the Only Constant

A summary of state and federal court decisions in 2015 regarding the Iowa Civil Rights Act and federal civil rights laws.

History of Segregation in Housing and Why Segregation Still Persists

A historical view of segregation in housing, and addresses patterns in housing segregation that persists nearly 50 years after civil rights legislation was passed to address the issue.


Let it Go, Let it Go! Don’t Retaliate!

An overview of retaliation claims under the ICRA and federal anti-discrimination statutes.

Education Panel: Ring the Bell, School’s Back In.

A panel discussion reviewing Iowa’s anti-bullying and anti-harassment in education laws.

Our House

How the Iowa Civil Rights Commission investigates allegations of housing discrimination. 




Let’s Get Ethical!

Navigating conflicts, competence and confidentiality as a practicing attorney.