Commissioners' Meeting "Approved" Minutes January 19, 2018

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Approved Minutes – January 19, 2018 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission

I.Roll Call: Jackson (Chair), Lipski, Oelschlaeger, Ordaz, Kooiker, Lipski, 

Staff: Director Johnson, Supervisor Linda Grathwohl

II.Minutes from 10-6-17 presented. Motion by Commissioner Oelschaeger, seconded by Commissioner Kooiker to approve minutes from 10-6-17; motion approved.

III.Commissioners’ Reports – Commissioner Chair Jackson and Commissioners Lipski and Ordaz shared they had both attended the ICRC’s Annual Symposium.  They expressed they enjoyed it and appreciated the opportunity to attend. Commissioner Kooiker stated he had spoken several times recently with Director Johnson about how the Commission could help in the performance of duties assistive to the ICRC. Discussion was held regarding some possible changes to the Administrative Rules. 

IV.Director’s Report – Director Johnson presented the Annual Report to the Commission and gave a brief synopsis of its findings. She also gave a report on the general status of the ICRC, and discussed the upcoming budget appropriation. Director Johnson informed the Commission how all of our financial management services are provided by the Department of Administrative Services and they were welcome to take a look at our financials at any time. Commissioner Oelschlaeger expressed his praise regarding the ICRC’s ability to come within $27.00 of using its entire general fund budget in the last fiscal year. Commissioner Chair Jackson asked Director Johnson to request a meeting between the Governor and the Commissioners regarding the budget appropriation. 

VI.Next meeting will be on Friday, March 23, 2018 at the Grimes Building at 2:00 pm. 

Chair Commissioner Jackson adjourned the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.