Commissioners' Meeting Minutes - Minutes of the November 7, 2014 Meeting

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Minutes of the November 7, 2014 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission


I.          Roll Call: Cunningham, Lipski, Williams, Oelschlaeger

Staff: Townsend

Public: None


II.        Minutes from July 25, 2014 meeting:  distributed for review and unanimously approved. 


III.       Director’s Report – Reported the results of the Iowa State Fair.  Had over 15,000 people take quizzes which was a significant increase from previous year (also a high) of 9,000 quizzes.  Reported over 3800 kids; over 1600 youth and over 9400 adults participated.  Reminded Commissioners that 2015 marks the 50th year of the signing of the ICRA and that the Commission plans to have a celebration.  Reported on the success of the 2nd Annual “Be the Change” symposium with over 110 attendees.  Reminded Commissioners Williams and Lipski that their terms expired in April and if they wanted to reapply for the ICRC, they should do so in the next few months. 


V.        Commissioner Lipski – no report.

Commissioner Williams – Would like to tentatively schedule Burlington training session for April 2015 before expiration of her term.  Other commissioners agreed this was a good idea.  Discussed asking commissioners to commit to a date of either April 17 or 24 when they could travel to Burlington for meeting.  Discussed sending a save the date card to the local HR community and to conduct 2.5 hours of training (1 pm-3:30 pm suggested) including the basics of how to file a complaint as well as housing training. 

Commissioner Oelschlaeger – Requested an update on pending litigation.  Provided by the Director which indicated the case was pending assignment by the Iowa Supreme Court to the Iowa Court of Appeals.

Commissioner Cunningham – Had question about public hearings and whether Commissioners could recommend whether a case moved to a public hearing.  Director explained administrative rules that did not authorize such a recommendation in light of Commissioners appellate review responsibilities of public hearing decisions.   


Next meeting January 30, 2015, for 1 pm.    


Meeting adjourned after motion and vote to adjourn.