Commissioners' Meeting Minutes - Minutes of the June 5, 2014 Meeting

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Minutes of the June 5, 2014 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission


I.         Roll Call: Spicer, Lipski, Oelschlaeger, Williams

Staff: Townsend



II.       Minutes from June 5, 2014 meeting:  distributed for review and unanimously approved after correction of the spelling of Commissioner Oelschlaeger's name.


III.      Commissioner Spicer-Written report, attached.

Commissioner Williams-Attended Courageous Conversations, a public meeting with Department of Human Rights discussing the disproportionate number of minority children in the criminal justice system.

Commissioner Oelschlaeger-No report. Commissioner Lipski-No report.


IV.      Director's Report-In response to questions from Commissioner Spicer, there are no budgetary

concerns at this time or staffing issues.  A compliance report was provided to Commissioners.  In FY14, the ICRC completed 167 housing investigations and earned $530,000 in fees from HUD. State fair is August 7-17, 2014.  The commission will look at using the anniversary of the Brown v. Bd of Education in its activities per Commissioner Spicer's recommendation.


V.        Commissioner Lipski moved to go to closed session to review and approve final decision in Lucas.

Commissioner Oelschlaeger seconded.  Roll call vote was taken:  Commissioner Williams and Spicer voted no, Commissioners Lipski and Oelschlaeger voted yes. Motion failed.


Lucas final order was passed out and reviewed by members.  Commissioner Spicer moved to approve, Commissioner Oelschlaeger seconded.  Commissioners voted to accept Order unanimously.


VI.      Commissioner Lipski moved to go to closed session to review and approved sealed minutes from Lucas hearing.  Commissioner Oelschlaeger seconded.  Roll call vote: all commissioners voted yes.  Closed session entered at 3:29pm.


VII.   Commissioner Lipski moved to end closed session at approximately 3:35pm.  Commissioner Oelschlaeger seconded.  All commissioners agreed in roll call vote.  In open session, Commissioners voted unanimously to approve sealed minutes.


Next meeting:  July17, 2014 at 2:30pm, ICRC.


Meeting adjourned after motion and vote to adjourn.