Commissioners' Meeting Minutes - Minutes of the July 18, 2013 Meeting

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Minutes of the July 18, 2013 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission


I.         RollCall: Spicer, Lipski, Williams, Conley, Hou, Oelschlaeger

Staff: Townsend

Public: None


II.        Minutes from May 18, 2013 meeting: distributed for review and unanimously approved after jpen and ink correction to Commissioner Hou's last name.


III.      Director'sReport

Introduced Katie Fiala, new AG assigned to the ICRC to the commissioners. Provided copy of

monthly production standards (attached).  Reported that the backlog has been eliminated.  Passed out African American Museum's annual History Makers Gala.  Reported that EEOC contract has been met with a full quarter left in the fiscal year which will result on other funds that were earned, not being paid by EEOC.  Reported the results of the Morehouse case in Council Bluffs where the jury awarded

$145,000 in damages to the complainants.  There was discussion regarding whether we could seek attorney's fees in the case.  Director to confirm with AG's office that the ICRC cannot request them. Updated State Fair booth information and passed the schedule around so that commissioners could sign up to work at the booth.  Updated information regarding ICRC's 1st Annual "Be the Change" symposium on November1, 2013.  Will send the symposium schedule to the commissioners after the meeting.  Provided copies of letters and workshare agreements sent to all local commissions in June for FY14.  Commissioner Spicer raised the issue of advocacy vs. law enforcement which led to general discussion about whether the ICRC can/should have legislative priorities.


V.        CommissionerReports


Commissioner Williams - Attended Coralville - AA Family training.  Heard about questions to potential minority tenants asking if they were from Chicago and declining to rent if so.  Inquired about testing on this issue in that area.  Signed numerous Commissioner complaints.  Attended Juneteenth banquet.   Attending training with Don Grove on design and construction cases and ADA compliance.  Encouraged other commissioners to get the training.  Asked for a report from ICRC compliance monitor at the next meeting.


Commissioner Spicer - provided written report (attached) including report of her meeting with the Associate Drake Provost, Melissa Sturm-Smith to discuss Crew Scholars Initiative and bettering community relations in Drake neighborhood; met with Urban Dreams to discuss community issues; Met with Representative Ako, Creative Vision, to discuss community issues; attended Juneteenth banquet; assisted students in writing project for World Food Prize Conference in October and submissions to the Paul Engle Essay contest, U of lowa.




                  Commissioner Lipski – Attending housing training from Don Grove and his staff regarding design and construction cases and ADA compliance.


                  Commissioner Conley - Spoke with Central Iowa Housing Association regarding housing issues and contacted Director to arrange training.


                  Commissioner Oelschlaeger -   Distributed copies of the Nelson v. Knight case for purposes of review of the ICRA and its development.  Opinion not attached to Minutes.  Available online at  Archive/


                 Commissioner Hou – No report.  Recently traveled to China and saw improvement in protection of women.


Next meeting was scheduled for September 26, 2013 at 3:30 pm.


Meeting adjourned after motion and vote to adjourn.