Commissioners' Meeting Minutes - Minutes of the January 24, 2013 Meeting

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Minutes of the January 24, 2013 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission


I.          Roll Call: Chapman, Spicer, Morain, Lipski, Williams, Conley

Staff: Townsend

Public: Iowa Civil Rights Commission staff members, representatives from Iowa CCI.


II.        Minutes from November 11, 2012 meeting:  distributed for review and unanimously approved.


III.       Hearing – Latham Latham/ICRC vs. ABCM Corp., d/b/a Grandview Health Care Center.  Appearing for the ICRC – AGA Grant Dougdale; Respondent was represented by Ray Ranta.  Argument was made by both sides.  The issue before the ICRC was the appeal filed by the ICRC of the ALJ’s dismissal of the Complaint on motion for summary judgment by Respondent.  Discussions and evidence not considered by the ALJ was not admitted or considered.  After all arguments were heard, and questions by Commissioners were heard, Commissioner Lipski moved, Commissioner Conley seconded to enter closed session for deliberations.  A roll call vote was taken:  Spicer, Williams, Lipski, Conley and Chapman voted yes; Morain voted no. 


IV.       Closed session


V.        Return to open session and vote on findings.  Commissioner Williams moved, Commissioner Spicer seconded to return to open session.  After roll call vote, all commissioners voted to return to open session.


            Commissioner Williams moved, Commissioner Spicer seconded to reject the ALJ’s proposed order and remand for further proceedings consistent with Final Order.  Commissioner Conley voted no; Williams, Chapman, Morain, Spicer and Lipski voted yes; motion carried. 


            Order prepared reflecting Commissions findings drafted and signed by all commissioners with Commissioner Conley dissenting. 


VI.       Commissioner Spicer provided a written report (attached). 


            Next meeting set for March 14, 2013 at 1 pm.


            Meeting adjourned after motion and vote to adjourn.