Commissioners' Meeting "Approved" Minutes - May 15, 2020

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Approved Minutes – Meetingofthe Iowa Civil Rights Commission, May 15, 2020


I.                   Roll Call -  

Commissioners: Angela Jackson, Patricia Lipski, Doug Oelschlaeger, Marcelena Ordaz, Sam Kooiker, Justin Johnston, Ashley Hunt (all by phone).


II.                 Recognition of Staff, Public, and Press

Staff:Elizabeth A. Johnson (Executive Director), Charles Hill (Supervisor), Kaitlin Smith (Supervisor), Katie Fiala (Assistant Attorney General), Emigdio Lopez-Sanders (CRS), SueAnn Johnson (CRS), Stephanie Adkinsson (CRS), Tom Collins (CRS), Deb Stewart (CRS).


III.              Approval of Minutes -

Minutesfrom meeting on February 7, 2020presented.Motion toapprove asmadebyCommissioner Jackson,secondedbyCommissioner Ordaz.Approved by roll call vote. Motion carried.


IV.      CommissionersReports–

a.                   Commission Jackson: Nothing to report.

b.                  Commissioner Lipski: Nothing to report.

c.                   Commissioner Oelschlaeger: Nothing to report.

d.                  Commissioner Ordaz: Nothing to report.

e.                   Commission Kooiker: Nothing to report.

f.                    Commissioner Johnston: Nothing to report.

g.                   Commissioner Hunt: Nothing to report.


V.      Executive Director’sReport

a.                   Introduction of new supervisor, Charles Hill.

b.                  Implementation of online complaint form available via ICRC website.

c.                   Update on office status during COVID-19.

d.                  Status on progress towards federal contact goals.

e.                   Update on staffing.


VI.     Public Comments – none.


VII.    Call to adjourn. Motion to approve as made by Commissioner Oelschlaeger, seconded by Commissioner Hunt. Approved by roll call vote. Motion carried.