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Commissioners' Meeting "Approved" Minutes - May 14, 2021

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Unapproved Minutes – Meetingofthe Iowa Civil Rights Commission, May 14, 2021


I.                   Roll Call -  

Commissioners: Justin Johnston, Sam Kooiker, Patricia Lipski, Dennis Mandsager, Marcelena Ordaz, Holly White.


II.                 Recognition of Public and Press.


III.              Approval of Minutes -

Minutesfrom meeting on March 12, 2021,presented.Motion toapprove asmadebyCommissioner Kooiker,secondedbyCommissioner Ordaz.Approved by vote. Motion carried.


IV.              Introduction of New Commissioners and Recognition of Former Commissioners


V.                 Adoption of Proposed Rule (Iowa Administrative Code Rule 161-15.3). Motion to adopt as made by Commissioner Lipski, seconded by Commissioner Ordaz. Approved by vote. Motion carried.


VI.              Interim Executive Director’sReport – Charles Hill

a.       COVID-19 / Office Updates – Staff will be returning to the office full time as on June 2021.

b.      Status of Permanent Executive Director Search – No new updates.

c.       Status of Federal Contracts

                                                                              i.      HUD

                                                                            ii.      EEOC

d.      Hiring Process

                                                                              i.      Discussion regarding change of pay grade for Civil Rights Specialist position.

e.       Summer Interns


VII.           Litigation and Case Law Update - Assistant Attorney General Katie Fiala

a.       Two administrative hearing decisions recently issued on two disability discrimination cases, Salas and Campbell.

b.      Awaiting on another decision from the administrative law judge.

c.       One case on appeal likely to go to the Court of Appeals.

d.      One action still on judicial review.


VIII.         Legislative Update – Sierra Walker

a.       One bill passed that added quotation marks to sections of Iowa Code Chapter 216. No substantive effect.

b.      SF252 – Does not directly affect ICRA, but prevents local governments from outlawing discrimination in housing cases on the basis of an individual receiving housing vouchers.

c.       Waiting on appropriations bill.

d.      HF802 – Has to do with how diversity trainings are administered to schools and government employees.

e.       Monitoring a possible bill that affect transgender athletes.


IX.              Election to fill Vacant Leadership Positions on Commission

a.       Commissioner Ordaz nominated as Chair of the Commission by Commissioner Kooiker, seconded by Commissioner Johnston. No further discussion on the matter. Approved by vote. Motion carried.

b.      Commissioner Johnston nominated as Vice Chair of the Commission by Commissioner Kooiker, seconded by Commissioner Lipski. No further discussion on the matter. Approved by vote. Motion carried.


X.                 CommissionersReports–

a.       Commissioner Johnston – Working with Iowa Department of Public Health related to Brain Injury statewide services.

b.      Commissioner Kooiker – Nothing to report. Interested in discussing a state fair booth and discussing employee turnover at the ICRC.

c.       Commissioner Lipski – Nothing to report.

d.      Commissioner Mandsager – Nothing to report. Also interested in discussion turnover and retention at the ICRC.

e.       Commissioner Ordaz – Nothing to report. Interested to hear more about the success of the Intern program at the next meeting.

f.        Commissioner White – Northing to report.


XI.              Public Comments – none.


XII.           Next commission meeting scheduled for July 9, 2021, at 1:30 PM.


XIII.        Call to adjourn. Motion to adjourn as made by Commissioner Mandsager, seconded by Commissioner Johnston. Approved by roll call vote. Motion carried.