Commissioners' Meeting "Approved" Minutes July 27, 2018

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Approved Minutes – July 27, 2018 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission

I.         Roll Call: Jackson (Chair), Oelschlaeger (by phone), Ordaz, Haugh, Kooiker, Lipski (by phone)

Staff: Director Johnson, Kayla McCall, Rachel Campbell, Jaimee Bullock

Guests: Cathy Engel, ICRC interns Aileen Nguyen, Anthony Dopp


II.        Minutes from 5/18/18 presented. Commissioner Oelschlaeger suggested one addition to the minutes to note regarding the guest’s complaint would have been time-barred at the time it was brought to the Commission’s attention. Motion to approve as amended made by Commissioner Haugh, seconded by Commissioner Kooiker. Motion carried.


III.      Commissioners’ Reports –

a.     Commissioner Jackson – nothing to report. Continues to sign Commission complaints but noted there have not been very many lately. Director Johnson indicated there had been an increase in the number of complaints by members of the public.

b.     Commissioner Lipski – mentioned the recent Iowa Court of Appeals decisions falling under Iowa Code Chapter 216 and indicated a concern about lack of consistency within the appellate courts on cases falling under the Iowa Civil Rights Act. Also discussed a documentary she watched recently, “Believer,” from the LoveLoud Foundation. This documentary reported that LGBTQ+ youth from unaccepting homes and communities are eight times more likely to commit suicide and three times more likely to engage in risky drug use. The mission of the LoveLoud Foundation is to Ignite the vital conversation about what it means to unconditionally love, understand, accept and support our LGBTQ+ friends and family. Commissioner Lipski highly recommended the documentary.

c.      Commissioner Oelschlaeger – nothing to report.

d.     Commissioner Ordaz – nothing to report.

e.      Commissioner Haugh – nothing to report.

f.       Commissioner Kooiker – thanked the Director for the invitation to the Edna Griffin Legacy Awards dinner. It was well worth the time.


IV.       Director’s Report – the next meeting will include an oral argument on an appeal of an ALJ’s decision in a contested case. Notice of appeal attached to the minutes. Auditor’s report was received, and there were no comments. State Fair is coming up, and the ICRC will again have a booth for public outreach. Director Johnson asked commissioners to sign up to work a shift in the booth. Social media campaign will be used again this year. ICRC will have a drawing for t-shirts and giving out pens and bookmarks.


V.        Next meeting will be September 17, 2018 at 1:00 pm, location to be announced. October 1 will be the backup date.


Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Kooiker, seconded by Commissioner Ordaz, motion carried.


Meeting adjourned.


/s/ Kristin H. Johnson