Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Minutes ---- Iowa Civil Rights Commission- December, 7, 2010


I.          Roll Call - Attendance - Eychaner; Gitchell; Claypool; Morain;

II.         Recognition of Public and Press -Beverley Couch (chair of Labor and Industry Committee of NAACP; Darlene Greenfield (former staff person ICRC in 1965) and member of labor and Industry Committee;

Ill.         Approval of Oct., 2010  Minutes  (as-amended )-Morain moved; Eychaner seconded. 

IV.        Possible action on legislative bill request to provide flexibility in duties and role of staff.



Under 216.15, and other sections, there is language which could be interpreted to limit certain orders to be only written by an administrative law judge.  Staff is asking for an amendment to 216 to confirm  the director  has  the authority or option  to appoint  or designate another licensed attorney  on the staff to meet a small portion of the AU duties, previously  conducted by an 'internal'  administrative law judge, and namely only those duties dealing with issuing orders.  Under current staff re-structuring, the agency no longer needs a full time judge and will save the state funds with this restructuring. However, a portion of the duties, such as signing certain orders, still needs to be completed by agency legal staff.  These are 'internal' matters, not to be confused with contested hearings under Chapter 17A, which have to go before judges housed within  DIA.

The director intends to designate staff to assume that role and may even consider using volunteer attorneys to assume that role. This change would clarify these options.  This would also provide some cost savings, since licensed attorneys  on staff (at pay grades below the standard administrative law judge level) could issue orders.

Eychaner moved for Commission to endorse; Gitchell seconded Morain- voice amendment by Morain on grammar. Voice vote approval



V.         Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee  Reports

Commissioner  Alicia Claypool- Coalition  work  on judge retention. Mosaic; anti bullying meeting; Human Dignity conference in Iowa City

Commissioner Debbie Gitchell- (need to fill in)

Commissioner Rick Morain- (need to fill in)

Commissioner  Rich Eychaner- (need to complete)


VI.        position on human rights campaign letter  to Secretary Clinton -Rich talked about what if communications  from Clinton  set a ceiling, ("which  fell short of state standards) which could be used as a way to criticize existing legislation  or legislative proposals.  Make sure states can exceed any national standards or expectations. Morain moves we sign up, with Rich's cautionary statement.  And second. Voice vote approval.



VII.      New NAACP local president  is Mr. Woods. -Beverly Couch and Commissioners talked about the need to meet with Gov. Branstad


VIII.      Rich and Rick will work on letter to Gov. Branstad  re: retention of Ralph.  Morain  moved; Gitchell seconded

IX.        Director's  report

1.  Testing-disability, race, maybe national origin.

2.  VISTA outreach

3.   Diversity Council-continue to push the new Gov.

4.   Media annoyances.

X.         Next meetings :

1.   Dec. 14th League meeting

2.   Feb. 10th

3.  April14th

XI.        Adjournment