Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of the June 9, 2011 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission


I.         Roll Call: Chapman, Moore, Lipski, Spicer, Williams, Morain, Witt (by phone) Staff: Townsend

Public: Beverly Couch (Labor & Industry Chair, NAACP), Friends of the Iowa Civil Rights

Commission Jerry Tormey and Kimberly Baxter


II.        Minutes from  April  meeting: approved by unanimous consent.

III.             Executive Director Townsend's Report

1.  State fair booth discussed

              Comments from Jerry Tormey and Kimberly Baxter regarding fund raising efforts, SHIRM volunteers to man booth; booth will be at the Varied Industries Building; include civil rights tests for kids, youth and adults; fund raising packages provided to Commissioners.  Discussed giveaway options; Commissioner Spicer recommended blow up pictures of civil rights activities in the state of Iowa for use on the walls of the booth

2.     Election of new Chair for ICRC; Mary Chapman nominated; nominations closed; Chapman unanimously elected

3.  Next hearing set for August 31, 2011 to include Motion hearing on Henry & ICRC vs. R.A.C.; briefs to be provided to commissioners as they are filed by parties.


IV.        Legislative Issues

V.         Commissioner Reports

    Chapman - Discussed the following topics: whether realignment of new Congressional districts has affected individual civil rights; Legislative Services Agency; affordable housing

    Lipski - introduced herself as newest commissioner; provided background information

    Moore - Discussed application of "move from good to great" goal for state of Iowa application to Iowa Civil Rights; recommended ICRC start planning for legislative goals for next year; discussion of how commissioners lobby and time frame to do so

    Morain: No report but looking forward to next meeting

    Williams:  Completed West Des Moines Citizen's Police Department training; signed a predetermination  settlement agreement of housing case before the ICRC; attended the Iowa Minority Business Exchange that was held on Tuesday, 3 May 2011, at Wells Fargo Financial, Inc presented by Dr. Floyd Rose; discussed business cards for all commissioners  which will be ordered by the ICRC

    Spicer- provided a written report (attached) of activities including Run Women Run Moderator, June 10,2011, ISU; Parent Empowerment Congress, June 11, 2011, Corinthian Baptist Church; discussion of visiting local human rights agencies to discuss their intake and complaint processing; recommended several books including "Everyday AntiRacism" by Mica Polluck; "Raising Standards or Raising Barriers?" by Mindy Kornhaber and Gary Orfield;


VI.       Public Comments- Beverly Couch (Labor & Industry Chair, NAACP) advised that the NAACP is hosting a job resource fair at the Corinthian Baptist Church on August 9, 2011; recommended participation in November 2011 event being held by NAACP.

VII.      Adjournment