Commissioner meeting Minutes

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DRAFT MINUTES Iowa Civil  Rights Commission January 10, 2008  Meeting



I.          Roll Call-Eychaner; Morain; Tutt; Claypool;  Gronstal, Gitchell, and Witt (on the phone); Ralph and Crystal Schrader (VISTA);

II.         Recognition of Public and Press --Dana Boone (media)

Ill.        Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of October Minutes-as received

IV.        Commissioners’ Reports and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner Alicia Claypool-immigration coalition report; participation in workforce shortage conference, including the section on diversity; discussion on 'Dec.'s radio row event; Full copy of report was separately emailed.


Commissioner Debbie Gitchell-attended U of Iowa Center for Human Rights meeting on immigration history and current issues; attended meeting sponsored by the City of Ames regarding problems facing newcomers with schools law enforcement and other areas.  The newcomers are from Chicago and are African/American. The city called the meeting to air all sides of the issues.  The Mayor has appointed a Task Force and the Police Chief has also appointed a Task Force.


Commissioner Rich Eychaner - met with legislators on immigration issues; made presentations to Iowa Comprehensive Human Services Meeting and to Workforce Investment Act/Displaced Workers meeting on new civil rights law. Attended the presentation of the Black Youth Student Report presentation


Commissioner Connie Gronstal-noticed anti-Clinton comments based on sex

Commissioner Rick Morain - Jefferson-no report

Commissioner Timothy Tutt- Des Moines-no report

Commissioner Nancy Witt -Reinbeck-referral from person with mental health


V.        Executive Director's Report

1.  By the end of our first year-we had to reduce staff down to 1980 levels-22

i.  Now we are up to 29 (less than in past years) but significant improvement

ii.  Hiring new staff; reducing backlog; improving case work

iii.  Hiring law students

iv.  4 VISTA and closer work with the locals,

v.  Design and construction work/testing work

2.  Appropriations-flat state; EEOC cuts

3.  Statutory changes

4.  Implementation issues-SO-GI; anti bullying


6.  Legal aid

7.  FHIP and DED grants

8.  Events-fair housing events; Edna Griffin events; IGOV events


VI.                   Next Meetings-- Dates and Location-there was some discussion about a regional hearing­ Sioux City- League of Iowa Human Rights Agencies legislative breakfast is Feb. 28, at the Capitol, from 7:30 to 9.

1.  Thursday, March 27 at 3:30p.m.

2.  Thursday, May    15--

3.  July (around Edna Griffin celebration)

4.  August 7 or 14

5.  Oct. 16th

VII.      Discussion of League meeting from last night

VIII.     Adjournment