Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Iowa Civil Rights Commission Feb. 4, 2008      Draft Minutes


I.          In attendance -Eychaner; Claypool; Morian; Witt; Tutt; Gronstal-Staff: Rosenberg, Schrader, and


II.         Request to support Onelowa event-civics day

a.  Rick and Nancy commented on concerns /strategy-and whether opposition could backfire.

Rick also uneasy on voting to support this event until he saw results of survey. Rick does not support criticism of groups for choosing the path of asking for a constitutional amendment, since it is a legitimate path, that we might take sometime.

b.  Rich E. pointed out we may agree with results, but not only tactics-is there value being independent in strategic positions.

c.   Discussed survey form One Iowa

d.  Nancy--Can we support allowing the case to move thru the courts e.  Rick-opposed impeachment of judges for ruling

f.     After discussion, the Commissioners approved the following resolution, moved by Nancy Witt and seconded by Rich Eychaner:


i.  The ICRC steadfastly affirms its support for marriage equality as previously stated in

ICRC policy statements in 2007 and 2006.

ii.  Oppose attempts to impeach judges based on decisions the public may not like and any efforts to intimidate the judiciary.

iii.  Support wide ranging, thoughtful discussion on policy issues, such as marriage equality.

iv.   Motion passes unanimously by voice vote

1.  Rich asks if we have a dog in the fight? Or should we stay quiet? Rich questions timing as to when to make a statement. It should be our timing, not the timing of an outside organization.

2.   Alicia-this is not for a press release and unnecessary to make a public statement

Ill.        Request for position on Wayne Ford's bill -Alicia asked for numbers. Rich thought there is a bigger issue, though supportive of people.

a.  Rich send message-support the concept of this bill. We believe no one should be

disparately impacted discriminated based on clothing or appearance.

IV.        MOTION: We do not believe that clothing should be a proxy for racial or National origin discrimination. We also believe that our law arguably covers this and we will enforce the law when cases are brought to our attention. Rich moves-Tim seconds. Motion approved.

V.        Vote to affirm previous position om marriage equality and opposed efforts to intimidate judges and support wide discussion on topic. Moved by Rick, seconded? Approved by voice

VI.       Legislative updates--

VII.        Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of January  Minutes - postponed until next meting

VIII.     Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee Report - postponed

IX.        Executive Director's Report-Ralph talked about grants from Wells Fargo; another Foundation;

X.        New Business


XI.       Adjournment