Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Minutes   Iowa Civil Rights Commission  Thursday March  27, 2008  Meeting



I.         Roll Call-Eychaner; Gitchell; Claypool; Gronstal; Witt and Morain (on phone)

II.        Recognition of Public and Press- Dana Boone

Ill.       Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of Feb   Minutes, as amended; Connie moved and Nancy seconded-approved by voice vote;

IV.      Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee Reports

    Commissioner Alicia Claypool-lobbying on 300 day and subpoena bills; also works on immigration education coalition-full report to be sent later.

    Commissioner Debbie Gitchell-Immigration 101 training;

    Commissioner Rich Eychaner-attended and praised the 101 training; 3/14 Burlington; positive press in Burlington ; Urbandale passed ordinance;

    Commissioner Connie Gronstal-3/16 forum in CB on diversity on SO-GI code; ordinance passed CB

    Commissioner Rick Morain - FYI-appreciate notices on bills; noted Prof. Bill Russell' book on homosexual saints--

    Commissioner Nancy Witt- written thank you's to legislators; intends to attend Diversity Advocacy day.


V.        Hate comments by public officials-should the Commission take a position, if so, what should that position be, and how and to whom should it be communicated.

1.  Nancy-how do we use resources? Do we use resources on this response? As individuals

perhaps we can respond, but whether as Commission? Nancy noted how he has said hateful things towardrs on other groups.

2.  Rich-difference in comments between King's comments and others comments which have

been more direct attacks, more personal on a category of people-perhaps the approach should be to affirm civility in comments; endorse healthy debate, without people being disrespectful;

3.  Debbie-is this a slap on Islamic names?

4.   Rick-Doug Burns, Carroll paper, collects essays-free speech concerns; solution with voters, not statements by us

5.  No vote was taken.


VI.       Report by Ralph

1.  shared thank you's from Burlington

2.  League efforts­

i.  Newsletter

ii.  Expansion into..

iii.  VISTASummer associates

3.  Policy work-SF199;

4.  Testing in Waterloo on family status

5.  Testing statewide on ads

i.  Previously testing on disability, National Origin, race

6.  Fighting battles in implementation of safe schools (

7.  SO-GI-training with SHRM; DHR; Drake law

8.  legal counse's office to update state agency AA/EO

9.  EEOC outreach


VII.      Next Meetings-- Still Hold

1.  Thursday, May   15-(try to coordinate with League meeting)

2.  July (around Edna Griffin celebration)

3.  August 7 or 14

4.  Oct. 16th


VIII.     June  6th Shephard dinner

IX.       Adjournment