Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Minutes    Iowa Civil Rights Commission May 15, 2008   Meeting



I.          Roll Call- Alicia Claypool; Debbie Gitchell; Timothy Tutt; Rich Eychaner; Rick Morain; Nancy Witt

1.  staff in attendance:  Ralph and Crystal

II.         Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of March   Minutes-as  emailed-moved by Deb-friendly amendment correcting who was in attendance; seconded by Nancy---voice vote approval

1.    and re-approval of January minutes -moved by Rick, seconded by Debbie


Ill.        Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee Reports (incomplete)

Debbie Gitchell- situation in Ames with new residents/new Iowans and creation of local task forces

Rich Eychaner-work in Capitol on subpoena bill; updates on Calif same sex marriage case

Rick Morain - no report

Timothy Tutt -no  report

Nancy Witt -work  in Capitol on disability and civil rights issues; also reported on local coverage of

Postville raid and Waterloo detention;


IV.        Legislative wrap-up  (Ralph)

1.   300 day success

2.   Subpoena bill-wait until next year

3.   Overall observation on the past 2 years of legislative and gubernatorial efforts-very

successful past 16 months

4.   Ralph is co-ordinator of a state task force formed to respond to Postville


V.        Consideration of Commission position on to join immigration education coalition -moved by

Nancy, seconded by Rich; approved by voice vote.


VI.        Edna Griffin----plans remain to name offices after Edna on July 7th; plaque made; also Des Moines Commission is planning on an event during Juneteenth events; also plans for advertisements on public accommodation and discrimination laws; and plans for Drake Event


VII.      Next Meetings--

1.     July 7-with school out and considering plans for Edna Griffin office naming ceremony,

meeting could be morning or afternoon )

2.   August     14

3.   Oct. 16th


VIII.      Adjournment