Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Minutes    Iowa Civil Rights Commission  July 7, 2008    


I.              Roll Call— Present: Claypool; Eychaner: Morain; Gitchell. Staff:  Diana Sisler and Ralph 

II.            Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of  May   Minutes—as moved by Rich, seconded by Debbie; Alicia offered changes (Dana was present at the May meeting which is the addition to those minutes) ; minutes approved by voice vote

III.           Commissioners’ Reports and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner Alicia Claypool— immigration coalition; meeting with Nigerian AG; meeting with AG office on English only;  attended Des Moines HRC Symposium;  testified at UFCW national  hearing in DM  on ICE misconduct; developed press statement on Postville raid for the League of Human Rights Agencies; discussed concerns over people of color and migrants being taken advantage of by national clean up  companies

Commissioner Rich Eychaner — Matthew Shephard Scholarship dinner—190 people in attendance;

Commissioners  Rick Morain and    Debbie Gitchell no report

IV.          Diana Sisler talked about new policy about handling of Commissioner per diems and reimbursement of expense.  New forms need to be submitted by Commissioners-whether you want automatic deposit or not.

V.            Postville EEOC/complaints –Ralph reported

1.    Ralph will send LGOV report

2.    continuing role –finding attorneys

3.    EEOC complaint

4.    Discussion on how IWD reduced fines for OSHA violations

5.    Rich asked whether anyone has looked at the economic costs on Postville; leases broken; students leaving district;

VI.          Ralph and Commissioners reviewed    the Edna Griffin event that took place earlier in the day.   


VII.         Legislative or policy discussion  

1.    Ralph talked about need to meet with IGOV and legislative leadership on gay marriage and immigration issues

                                          i.    Pre-election meeting ? include other groups or not?

2.  Meeting should involve exploration of different positions. The director has been directed to submit a budget with no increase from IGOV.  

3.    Debbie asked about harassment or random stops by law enforcement/racial profiling—discussion about disproportionate minority confinement.

4.    Next meeting request by Alicia—Review last year’s priorities; discuss priorities for next year

5.    Next meeting—any update on disability proposals


VIII.        Next Meetings--  items:  any update on disability proposals; review last year’s priorities and discuss next year priorities; update on budget

1.    August  14th 1:30 –3:00

2.    Oct. 16th –3:30 -5:00

3.    Dec. 11th –3:30 -5:00

IX.          Adjournment