Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Minutes      Iowa Civil Rights Commission  August 14, 2008



I.           Roll Call-In person: Alicia Claypool; Debbie Gitchell; Tim Tutt; On Phone: Rich Eychaner; Connie

Gronstal; Rick Morain;

II.          Recognition of Public and Press- Rachel! Scott (Div. administrator, Commission on the status of

Women; Roxanne Kitzman (EEOC)

Ill.         Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of July, Minutes-as emailed -hearing no objections, minutes approved with one correction---timing of this meeting was changed to start at 1:00

IV.        Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner  Alicia  Claypool- attended  July  Postville  rally;  attended  EEOC  national origin workshop; will be doing lunch and learns with Society of Public Administrators, other groups.

Commissioner Debbie Gitchell-situation in Ames. State fair

Commissioner Connie Gronstal- met with local GLBT and Friends of GLBT groups-wanted an

overview of the new SO-GI Iaw;

Commissioners  Rick Morain and Rich Eychaner- no reports

Commissioner Timothy Tutt- state fair; attended community immigration forum in June


V.          Executive Director's report.-upcoming meeting with IGOV; discussion on increase in housing­ probably due to a combination of  testing, ; referral of cases from agencies, or from Legal Aid; also mentioned subpoena bill already pre-filed;

VI.        Legislative or policy discussion

1.  Equal Pay act discussion-Rachel talked about how Harkin intends to push the federal bill

i.  2008  Wage equity study on the publications button on webpage of the Commission

on Status of Women

ii.   Looked at state employees-women making around Y, of what male managers make

iii.  May ask AG for AG opinion on whether banning sharing salaries with other employees is an unfair labor practice; may also propose salaries of contractors.

iv.  Connie wants to make equal pay a priority

2.  subpoena bill-already filed

3.  immigration bills in the wind

4.  task force on worker's rights may also be looking at mis-classification of workers. (classified

as independent contractors vs. employees); thus some employers put other employers at a competitive disadvantage. In our civil rights world, we have jurisdiction over employees, but not workers hired as independent contractors



VII.       Next Meetings-- October 16th

VIII.       Adjournment