Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Minutes   Iowa Civil Rights Commission   Thursday October 16th , 2008


I.          Meeting called to order by Commissioner Witt, as acting Chair. Roll Call-Attendance   Claypool; Gitchell; Morain; Tutt; by phone: Eychaner and Witt

II.            Approval of  August  Minutes -moved  by Morain, seconded by Gitchell and Eychaner to approve as

amended -voice vote approval

Ill.            Commissioners' Reports  and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner Alicia Claypool- sent by email

Commissioner Debbie Gitchell-volunteer effort at state fair (and praise for the booth)

Commissioner Rich Eychaner-Iowa Pride Institute

Commissioner Rick Morain- no report                                                                                                         

Commissioner  Timothy Tutt - One Iowa video (and announcement of ) his intended retirement from 

service on  the Commission

Commissioner Nancy Witt -ADA work; Iowa Conference on Volunteer Service and Nonprofit

Management panel participation

IV.        Legislative report and discussions

1.  Ralph discussed the subpoena bill which remains a priority of the Commission and has been

'pre' filed.

2.  There was discussion on the requests by Landlords of Iowa to consider adding

marital status to our list of protected characteristics in the area of housing. Questions were

asked whether this was a statewide problem or not. Commission chose to monitor, awaiting receipt of additional information.

3.  A request  from One Iowa to support 2 education forums in November in Ames and Iowa

City  was consistent with past Commission positions and supported by consensus.

4.   Immigration, drivers' license, and in-state tuition policies from last year remain, with no

changes.  Alicia shared that possible other positive immigration integration proposals may be

forthcoming. dealing with more funding for ELL classes  business/non profit incentives to promote onsite ELL  support for citizenship classes. and a health care measure to include some children of immigrants.

5.   Equal pay was discussed with Rich E. pointing out the need to educate and that we would be

willing to assist. There was concerns over unintended consequences -depending upon the

wording of proposals that may come from the Commission on Status of Women.   Proposed                      

legislation might imply that Iowa's existing equally pay provisions do not exist or are

ineffective  thereby undercutting current enforcement.  There was also a need expressed to find out the impact on other stakeholder groups.

6.   Independent contractor discussion-a legislative task force was created on the issue of the characterization of independent contractors (vs. employees). Ralph noted that lCRC does not have jurisdiction over the former, only the latter.

V.     ,Next Meetings--

1.   Dec. 11

2. Feb. 12'"

3.  March 17-League Breakfast