Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Minutes      Iowa Civil Rights Commission Dec. 11, 2008       Meeting



I.           Roll Call-Attendance-Eychaner; Gitchell; Witt; Morain; Claypool; Gronstal; Tutt.

II.          Recognition of Public and Press; Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Ill.         Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of October Minutes- as revised by Alicia-Debbie

moved; Rich seconded. Passed by voice vote.

IV.        Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner Alicia Claypool- hard copy handed out.

Commissioner Debbie Gitchell-met with Ames Mayor on diversity initiatives and use of VISTA to continue  "Community  Conversations", which  has  been  meeting  since  Jan.  08.  Seven different committees have been created to continue the dialogue. Met with ISU Extension.

Commissioner Rich Eychaner-attendance in court arguments on Varnum

Commissioner Connie Gronstal-no report

Commissioner Rick Morain - no report; recently attended national newspaper meetings;

commented on applause for 'rainbow' type appointments of Obama

Commissioner Timothy Tutt - involved in video with Onelowa; also white privilege discussions with

Des Moines schools.

Commissioner Nancy Witt- partnered with Ralph on speech on volunteer services; will be speaking in Waterloo before intercity, after school programs on ICRC work

V.          Ralph reported on Postville; questions followed on amount of time commitment-Rich Eychaner

suggested more accurate accounting of time; questions were raised on whether there is an effort to total the amount of costs to the community that were consequences from the raid.

1.  Discussion on state budget cuts.

2.  Discussion on Sioux City's efforts to limit lobbying or distribution on material on gay marriage-Rich E. suggested that the city/commission to just read the decision.

3.  Discuss on whether ICRC should pass a resolution to encourage nonbiased discussion by

local commissions using  materials, such as Judge Hansen decisions, to share the same with the League and to encourage other communities to use his decision as a tool to have this discussion...

i.   Nancy moved. Seconded by Rick.

1.  Friendly amendment to remove timelines on release.

ii.  Some discussion on whether to issue press release-hold off for now. iii.  Passed by Voice vote


VI.        Legislative and other policy positions to consider-

1.  Position on equal pay-Nancy requested to see more detail. Consensus to support the


VII.        Next Meetings--  Hold

1.     Feb. 12

2.  March 17th -League breakfast


3.     March 18th Des Moines Human Rights Commission annual fair housing event.


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