Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Agenda   Iowa Civil Rights Commission  Wednesday, April 16, 2009 at 3:30 pm.

I.              Roll Call—Attendance: Claypool; Tutt; Eychaner; Gronstal; Phone: Gitchell; Witt; and Morain; Ralph and Crystal also in attendance

II.            Recognition of retiring Commissioners—cards and gifts.

1.    Alicia—“we are going to miss these strong voices on civil rights in Iowa”

2.    Alicia recognized Tim in the beginning of the meeting  for his service, strong voice and excellent presentations on LGBT issues during his tenure on the Commission.

3.    Alicia—gave thanks to Connie for her  commitment, advocacy, input,  and driving long distances

III.           Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of  February  Minutes  --Feb . 4 conference call;

IV.          Commissioners’ Reports and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner Alicia Claypool— active on legislative priorities; also involved with situation involving State Trooper who had made racial comments and called to thank DPS. ICRC will sponsor forum on GLBT/race issues; spoke at April 3 ruling; continued involvement with Immigration Coalition-about 80 groups involved--VISTA has been very helpful with Coalition;

Commissioner Debbie Gitchell— VISTA in Ames is making progress—has also been in city newsletter; attended lobby day and DHRC annual meeting

Commissioner Rich Eychaner — Work on subpoena and budget bills; Efforts on Supreme Court ruling; spoke at April 3 rally; talked about suicide of  gay youth and  continuing importance of our work; also Matthew Shephards’ dinner is June 5.

Commissioner Connie Gronstal— at Leadership Council Bluffs, there was discussion about early applications for gay marriage

Commissioner Rick Morain –  any discussion going to Ombudsman?  Rick asked for laundry list of accomplishments of past 3 years.

Commissioner Timothy Tutt –  Tim remarked on the remarkable 8 years (used to be a struggle just to get bills introduced); working with OneIowa; continued concern over disproportionate confinement; “sense of advocacy is not over”;  wants to work on race/GLBT issues; spoke at April 3 ruling;

Commissioner Nancy Witt – Noticed CR forum on police officer attached by African American youth


V.            Legislative and other policy updates

1.    Discussion on gay marriage ruling

2.    Subpoena

3.    Equal pay

4.    SF 475 –

5.    Some discussion on proposed breast feeding bill—Connie talked about Public health Dept. in other states

6.    Debbie asked about HF 2418 on shackling of pregnant inmates—Alicia asked if this related to undocumented Iowans –Ralph said he understood it did


VI.          Next Meetings--    

1.    June 11  at 3:30

2.    August

3.    October

4.    December