Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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 minutes    Iowa Civil Rights Commission  Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I.               Roll Call—Attendance –Chapman, Morain, Gitchell, Witt, Claypool (in person); Eychaner on the phone. Staff:  Rosenberg and Schrader

II.            Welcome to new  Commissioner, Mary Chapman (include title)

III.           Minutes of April meeting—Eychaner spoke regarding the spelling of Shepard. Motion to approve as amended: Gitchell moves, Morain second. Approved by voice vote

IV.          Introduction of Abraham Funchess and Rev. Redmond Jones (commissioner for Abrahams Status of African American’s commission and Assistant to the City Administrator and Affirmative Action office for Davenport)

·         Discussed recommendations submitted to Gov about disproportionate detention of racial and cultural minorities. Youth Race and Detention Task Force

·         Movie about Alexander Clark—working with Joseph Cassis (DAS)

·         Redmond Jones handed out info on the Davenport Disparity Study (available upon request). He explained the need for a disparity study.  The study provides information for the city to pursue remedial efforts and provides justification for race/gender conscious remedies (to counter potential reverse discrimination claims); but also exposes the City to liability.

o   Duration:  12 months;  Cost: $75,000 from ICSSA and 75,000 from City of Davenport

·         Over past 5 years, City spent 90 million in contracts

V.           Legislative and other policy updates   & executive director’s report.—Ralph reviewed state and federal budget matters. Also discussed Postville and Atalissa.

VI.          Commissioners’ Reports and Subcommittee Reports –submitted by email


Commissioner Alicia Claypool— see attached


Commissioner Debbie Gitchell— Interfaith Alliance Awards Banquet in May.  Submitted a Letter to the Editor to the Ames Tribune in response to one written by an Ames person
giving very racist statements concerning how Ames should be able to decide who moves to Ames or not.


Commissioner Rich Eychaner —

      • Women of achievement luncheon
      • Matthew Shepard Scholarship Awards Dinner with Judy Shepard.  Awards to Judy Shepard, Camilla Taylor and Sharon Malheiro.  Keynote speaker Steven Goldstein from Garden State Equality.  6 new gold scholars and 5 new silver scholars.

Commissioner Mary Chapman—

Commissioner Rick Morain – 

Commissioner Nancy Witt –



VII.         Next Meetings—The Diversity Council will be setting its fall schedule at its August meeting.  The Council has discussed Oct. 8 and Dec. 10. For those 2 days, I would ask if ICRC commissioners could consider meeting earlier  that day, such as at 1:00 instead, or perhaps the day before.


Meeting schedule—3:30 Thursdays –

  1. 20 TH OF AUGUST.


  1. OCTOBER  8TH  --