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Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Minutes   Iowa Civil Rights Commission  Wednesday, October 10, 2009   


I.              Roll Call—Morain, Gitchell, Eychaner, Claypool, (Witt on the phone) ; also Ralph and Anna McGlaun (an ICRC VISTA)

II.             Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of  August   Minutes  --as amended to include  marriage equality statement. Approved by voice vote.


Statement of commendation for Ralph for the Council of State Govt. award finalist.  “ For enhanced degree of services in economical services. Commission is to deliver letter  to IGOV. Approved by voice vote.


III.           Commissioners’ Reports and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner Alicia Claypool— state fair.

Commissioner Debbie Gitchell— State fair volunteer; attended EEOC training; working with   Ames VISTA’s; attended League training at Prairie Meadows

Commissioner Rich Eychaner — ICIU banquet; attending DM citizen police academy (so is David Drake with DM Human Rights Comm.

Commissioner Rick Morain –  Target situation involving people with deaf.--Ames

Commissioner Nancy Witt – to be completed.


IV.          Director’s report on budget, impairment study,  testing  and case work

1.    VISTA and regional award finalist

2.    Budget overview—Ralph handed out the 2010 budget and discussed the impending cross the board cuts

3.    Discussions on study of  impairments to fair housing –Anna discussed hearings in Marshalltown about landlords unwilling or unable to make accommodations ; also concerns over discrimination over familial status. Nancy suggested VISTA work on raising profile of locals, such as press releases. Discussions on League training for local commissions and need for local leadership. Discussion on funding ideas.

4.    Latest testing results on familial status discrimination—to be issued in near future. The results will be positive.

5.    Case work –Ralph talked about the rental case involving people with mental disabilities and the need for service animals.


V.           Legislative and other policy updates—Ralph mentioned subpoena and budget issues.  


VI.          Next Meetings--   Dec. 10th (--possibly Dec. 9).