Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Minutes        December 10, 2009 Meeting


Roll Call-Attendance: Morain; Gitchell; Claypool; Eychaner; Witt;      (inclimate weather forced conference calling for most)

I.           Recognition of Public and Press- Stephanie Lyons (interpreter: Ellen Hays and Megan)

II.          Welcome to new Commissioner (weather kept Keith from attending) Ill.             Input from Stephanie Lyons ..

1.  Stephanie works with Deaf Services Commission of Iowa and the community. She works

with several clients who have civil rights concerns. Thus, she is very interested and may wish to become part of the commission.

2.  She would offer her assistance and training to the commission

3.  Alicia explained our meeting schedules.

4.   Nancy suggested Stephanie could be part of a speaker's bureau-Ralph suggested expansion to training for the whole League...

5.  Debbie suggested contacting Target

6.  Stephanie would like to share newsletters with deaf community or do a signed video on our website. (We can send her past copies)

IV.       Iowa Civil Rights Commission ---Approval of October Minutes --approved as amended. V.            Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee Reports

Commissioner Alicia Claypool- Immigration Coalition group hired Geof Fischer; attended Latino event, friends of Civil Rights, and Shattering Silence sculpture and marriage equality confernece; moderated panel at Mosaic conference. Detailed description is available.


Commissioner Debbie Gitchell- attended the statewide Mosaic conference in October; and working with the new VISTA in Ames-Josh Kriz; The VISTAs in Ames created a new nonprofit to work on local issues surrounding discrimination, particularly race.


Commissioner Rich Eychaner - finished OM police academy and county sheriff; attended friends of civil rights luncheon;  participated in Laramie project presentation; also at the Glanton scholarship dinner; Spoke to gubernatorial candidate Branstad on gay issues; attended shattering silence ceremony; one of Rich's scholarship winners wrote a play.


Commissioners Keith Johnson and Mary Chapman-absent

Commissioner Rick Morain - nothing to report on


Commissioner Nancy Witt- appointed to Olmstead Task Force. There was some discussion on upcoming debates on de-institutionalization.


VI.       Legislative and other policy updates-Ralph talked about subpoena and budget situation; current backlog; Rich asked about numbers in annual report and Ralph explained the threat to increased backlog from closing fewer cases than we receive.




VII.       Next Meetings--  Feb. 4th; Legislative Breakfast -March 15th;  April 1st  June 10th;  Aug. 12th- state fair; Oct. 7th; Dec. 2nd (ask local commissions- for  possible  joint meeting)


VIII.     ---Adjournment