Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT  Minutes        ----Iowa Civil Rights Commission- August 12, 2010 Meeting



I.           Attendance-Eychaner; Morain; Witt; Gitchell; Chapman; Claypool

Guests: VISTA: Kaitlin Smith (new VISTA); Crystal Schrader

Kaitlin reviewed her projects: 1. Survey of local commissions; 2. preparation for training of staff; 3. Tax exempt status; 4. Assisting with admin of grants;

II.         Approval of June, 2010 Minutes -item 4 -Rich asked about appeals on Botzko case. Ill.              Possible discussion on Legislative Policy proposals for 2011-

1.  Subpoena

2.  Renda-Rick asked about Ombudsman's history.

3.  Possibly, service animals. Nancy points out lack of available training for service animals


IV.       Director's report:

1.  Budget

2.  ADA-Ralph discussed the unique nature of our Saturday and Monday events

3.  VISTA-Ralph discussed the drop in VISTAs from 30 statewide to 13.

4.  Personnel; questions asked about compliance with supervisory ratio;  and

5.    administrative rules updates  --service animal


V.         Commissioners' Reports and Subcommittee Reports

1.  Commissioner Alicia Claypool-West DM schools -limited list of protected classes;

2.  Commissioner Debbie Gitchell- VISTA in Ames -"service patch" garden using at risk kids and other volunteers and harvesting 180 pounds; great press; questions about local medical clinic asking questions about Hispanic origin -clinic  then changed its policy.

3.  Commissioner Rich Eychaner- Discussed the Calif. Appellate case on marriage equality. circuit.

4.  Commissioner Mary Chapman- DMACC offered welding classes to men @Newton; now offering to women at Mitchelville, travelling to Newton; DOL commented on EEO poster needing to be in classroom, not just lunchroom

5.  Commissioner Rick Morain- no report.

6.  Commissioner Nancy Witt- Judicial Nominating Commission for First District-comments made about Posse Comitatus and billboards urging  Iowans to vote against Iowa Supreme Court judges.