Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Minutes       ----Iowa Civil Rights Commission- September 20, 2010 Meeting



I.           Attendance-Morain; Gitchell; Johnson; Claypool; Eychaner; Chapman; Rosenberg  (Witt excused)

II.          Approval of 8/12/10 Minutes -Gitchell moved; Morain seconded; approved by voice vote.

Ill.        Discussion on request by Justice, Not Politics for Commission to be included on their list of supporters. Gitchell asked about history of the group. Claypool talked about bar groups who are leading the coalition of organizations and individuals committed to protecting Iowa's courts. The coalition is working to protect Iowa's judicial system of merit selection and retention. This group is not taken a position on any specific judge. Chapman asked if there are any concerns. Morain talked about the need to avoid politicized courts and to avoid (tyranny of the majority). Iowans will look to see if the Commission supports this.


1.  Gitchell moves to sign on. Seconded by Chapman.  (Morain-"we would be conspicuous by our absence".) Unanimous voice vote. 2.  Commissioners will be making some calls to local commission.


IV.        Discussion and vote on administrative rules change.   The purpose of the change is to respond   to a HUD request to confirm our conformity with federal policy. It is staff's belief that in policy and practice we already conform.  This rule change will not change any policy or practice.  The change only applies to housing cases and no other areas of the law. The language of the proposed change follows:

    "In determination  of complaints alleging disability discrimination in housing or real estate practices, the commission shall apply current federal rules or HUD policy guidance regarding service or companion animals.

    Moved by Gitchell; seconded by Johnson; approved by voice vote.



V.   Commissioners' Reports  and Subcommittee Reports

       Commissioner Alicia Claypool-DREAM act up for a vote this week.

       Commissioner Debbie Gitchell-

Commissioner Rich Eychaner-

Commissioner Mary Chapman-

Commissioner Rick Morain -

Commissioner Keith Johnson--

      VI.   Director's report:  Ralph mentioned the efforts to abolish the Sioux City Commission.