Commissioners' Meeting Minutes - Minutes of the June 28, 2012 Meeting

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Minutes of the June 28, 2012 Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission


I.        Roll Call: Chapman, Spicer, Williams, Morain, Lipski (joined the meeting in session)

Staff: Townsend 

Public: None


II.        Minutes from April 12, 2012 meeting: distributed for review; approval tabled until next meeting.


III.       Discussions of Town Hall meeting held June 21, 2012:


Commissioners discussed the town hall meeting and suggested changes to the format for future meetings.  Also extensively discussed methods to improve turnout including networking with local organizations and stakeholders; more outreach by Commissioners; partnering with community organizations such as FFA, 4-H, Lions, Rotary Clubs, sororities and fraternities.  Discussed preparing a short agenda to be passed out to attendees. Also discussed focusing future discussion on the complaint process and specific civil rights issues unique to location of town hall.


Discussion then continued regarding locations and dates of future town hall meetings including review of the counties with the highest number of complaints filed annually.  Lipski moved and Spicer seconded to hold two meetings in Burlington on September 10th and CouncilBluffs in September18th, locations to be determined.  Motion carried.


Discussions regarding the format of the town hall meetings included using the State Fair questionnaires as a conversation starter.  Williams volunteered to act as the moderator of the next town hall.

Legislative priorities were discussed.  Lipski moved, Williams seconded, and motion carried to make a bill giving the ICRC subpoena power of witnesses in non-housing cases. Spicer moved, Lipski seconded and motion carried to support maintenance or increase of funding of the ICRC as second legislative priority.  Morain volunteered to look for records of past legislative priorities of the ICRC.




III.      Executive Director Report-Discussed updating brochures to include definition of "probable cause" as well as ways to include the definition in current brochures.  Discussions regarding the ICRC booth at the Iowa State Fair, August 9-19th including adding more kid-friendly giveaways.  Discussion of creation of a staff resource calendar, available to staffs to keep them informed of upcoming events.

IV.      CommissionerReports                                                                                   



Lipski-Attended local townhall meeting held by Gov Branstad and Lt Gov Reynolds.  Gov Branstad made favorable comments about the ICRC and the progress it was making with regard to the backlog. Will be attending a public meeting with Iowa Ag Secretary on June 29th.

Iowa Civil Rights Commission     Commissioner Angela Williams' Report


Prior Meeting attended February 9th  -no report given. All activity post April12th  -

1.  On April 17, 2012-Attended Iowans for Social and Economic Development's   launch  of the "Women of Influence" cookbook  reception held by at the Iowa State Historical Building in Des Moines.


2.  On April 23, 2012-Attended the AVID author visit of Wil Haygood located at the Des Moines Central Library.  He discussed his research, writing methods, books and articles in publications such as the Washington Post on historical African American figures from the 1950's such as Sammy Davis, Jr., Mr. Allen (butler in the White house from President Truman to President Reagan),SugarRayRobinson&ThurgoodMarshall's confirmation.


3.  OnJune21,2012-ParticipatedintheICRCtownhallmeetingattheIowaState




4.   OnJune24,2012-AttendedArtFestMidwestattheStateFairgroundsinDesMoines.






Aspartofmyappointmentcommitment,thiscommissionercontinuestotrackbillsthatrelate tomentalillnessandeducationreformthatincludesbullying.Severalbillsaswellasthe amendmenttotheIowaCodewereofparticularinterest:

    SenateFile2247terminologychangeofanywordinginstatepolicyfrommental retardationtointellectualdisability.

    SenateFile2284TaskForcestudyingcompetency-basedinstructionstandardsand modelswithadesire,bythiscommissionerwithaconcernthatthistaskforcemirrorthe imageof Iowanslikelytobeserved.

    SenateFile2312In-serviceTrainingforallLawEnforcementOfficersonMental Health.

    SenateFile2315ProvidingEquitableHealthServicestoIowaCitizenswithDisabilities. Inadditiontotheabove,thiscommissionerattendedthefollowingpublicforums:

·         June8, 2012  1:15-3:30P.M.EastHighSchool,DesMoines,Iowa-Hearing:Bullying­ FreeSchools:  HowLocal,State,andFederalEffortsCanHelp-Moderator:Senator Harkin.

·         June21, 20126PM-7:10P.M.IowaHistoricalBuilding,DesMoines,Iowa-Iowa CivilRightsCommissionOpenCommunityForum-ModeratorBethTownsendICRC Administrator.

·         June26,20126-7:30P.M.-PolkCountyRiverPlace,DesMoines,Iowa-EEOC Presents - KnowYourEmploymentRights -KeyIssuesFacingAfricanAmericans ModeratorMariaFlores,EducationOutReachProgramManager -MilwaukeeEEOC AreaOffice.



Trivia:  Forty-yearanniversaryofTitleIXprohibitingdiscriminationbasedonsexinany programreceivingfederalfunds(enactedintolawJune20,1972).