2012 Adult Quiz

Adult Civil Rights Quiz 2012


1.   The Iowa Supreme Court decision overruled the “separate but equal” doctrine in public education in Clark v. The Board of Directors in what year?

       A.  1868                                                               B.  1968

       C.  1922                                                               D.  1982         


2.  How many days do people have to file an employment discrimination complaint in Iowa?

      A.  90 days                                             B.   180 days

      C.  300 days                                           D.   360 days


3.  Where did Rosa Parks refuse an order from the bus driver to give up her seat to a white passenger, sparking a national civil rights movement?

            A. Atlanta, GA                                B. Montgomery, AL

            C. Biloxi, MS                                  D. Nashville, TN


4.  Maria is blind. She has two dogs, one of which is a service dog. When she applies for an apartment, the landlord tells Maria there is a $200 pet rental per pet. How much money does she need to pay for her dogs?

            A. $0. She is blind.                                        B. $200. She does not need to pay for the service dog.

            C. $300. The service dog is half-price.          D. $400. She has two dogs.


5.  In what  state did a civil rights leader named Edna Griffin stage lunch counter sit-ins over a decade before the famous sit-ins in the South to protest racial discrimination?

            A: Iowa                                                               B: New York

            C: Illinois                                                             D: Massachusetts 


6.  Iowa was the first state in the union to do/have the following:

A.    The first licensed female attorney                D.  A and B

B.     Founded the NAACP                                     E.  All of the above

C.     First female college newspaper editor        F.  None of the above


7.   Alexander Clark was an early civil rights leader and filed the lawsuit that desegregated schools.  What Iowa town did he live in?

A.     Des Moines                                              C.  Ames

B.     Muscatine                                                  D.  Mason City          


8. In order to file a discrimination complaint in Iowa or with the federal government, people must:

            A. Have an attorney                                      B. Pay a small fee per complaint

            C.  Both A and B                                          D.  Neither A or B