2011 Adult Quiz


Adult Civil Rights Quiz 2011


1. John uses a wheelchair. He wants to purchase food at the new grocery store but there are no automatic doors. Is this possible discrimination?

            A. No. New stores do not need to be            B. It is only discrimination if he had asked the store at

                  accessible to everyone.                                   least twice to assist him use the store.                  

            C.   No. He can use other grocery stores.        D. Yes. He is being excluded due to his disability.


2. How many days do people have to file an employment discrimination complaint in Iowa?

            A.    90 days                                                   B.  180 days

            C.  300 days                                                   D. 360 days


3. Maria is blind. She has 2 dogs, 1 of which is a service dog. When she applies for an apartment, the landlord tells Maria there is a $200 pet deposit per pet. How much is Maria‚Äôs deposit? 

            A. $0. She is blind.                                        B. $200. She does not need to pay for the service dog.

            C.   $300. The service dog is half-price.          D. $400. She has two dogs.


4. When was the Iowa Civil Rights Act passed?

            A. 1950                                                            B. 1965

            C.   1975                                                          D. 1982


5. What are the four top reasons why people feel they were discriminated against in Iowa last year?

            A. Sex, race, disability, retaliation                   B. Disability, sexual orientation, age, religion

            C.   Race, age, sex, national origin                  D. Gender, retaliation, national origin, pregnancy


6.  What year was the Emancipation Proclamation signed?        

            A. 1862                                                            B. 1863

            C.   1864                                                          D. 1865


7. Where did Rosa Parks refuse an order from the bus driver to give up her seat to a white passenger, sparking a national civil rights movement?

            A.   Atlanta, GA                                              B.  Biloxi, MS

            C.   Montgomery, AL                                      D. Nashville, TN


8. In order to file a discrimination complaint in Iowa or with the federal government, people must:

            A. Have an attorney                                      B. Pay a small fee per complaint

            C.   Both A and B                                         D.  Neither A or B